Retail Menu

Buttermilk Biscuits Tender, buttery and flaky biscuits perfect at any time $2.50
Beef Salami Cheddar Scone with fresh cracked pepper  $3.50
Sweet Potato Scone dripping in a maple glaze  $3.50

 *Breakfast is weekends only.  Special order all other times.

Nut Brownies Choc full of walnuts and pecans  $3.50
Plain Brownies chocolaty and chewy  $3.25
Coconut Rum Bread Pudding  $3.50
Lemon Pound Cake Loaf with a lemon glaze  $3.50
Banana Pineapple Loaf  $3.50
  Pies and Tarts
Mini Sweet Potato Pie  $4.50
Mini Apple Crumb Pie  $5.00
Mini Pecan Pie  $4.50 (seasonal)

Large pies are made to order during non-seasonal production.

$1.50 each
Chocolate Chip
Monster Mix Chocolate, coconut, raisin, nuts
Snappy Gingersnaps made with fresh ginger
Oatmeal Cherry Raisin


Dessert Cups
$5.00 each
Classic Banana Pudding…… vanilla wafers, rich creamy pudding and whipped cream
Franklin Avenue Shortcake …… red velvet cake, fresh strawberries, cream cheese and whipped cream
Mango Mousse…… sponge cake, mango mousse and whipped cream
Chocolate Mousse…… chocolate cake,chocolate mousse and chocolate whipped cream


All products are made in an environment where nuts and gluten are present.   Though the best practices are used in our preparation of our baked goods inadvertent cross contamination may occur.